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What Is VoiceMeeter And How Do I Use It?


When it comes to livestreaming, VoiceMeeter can come in very handy. VoiceMeeter is possibly already familiar to you in some manner. The VoiceMeeter controls the sound waves of each desktop program one at a time. It can make podcasts on social media and other similar platforms seem much more professional.

Let’s say you’re playing a video game on your laptop. You can talk to other players while also listening to music. You can also enjoy the sound of the action while it is being shown live on social media. You only need one digital sound channel to take care of everything. You can achieve this without spending any money by getting VoiceMeeter!

VoiceMeeter can be used in many different ways to stream audio. This gives you more control over what you produce and how loud it is.

VoiceMeeter: What is it?

VoiceMeeter is an audio mixer app where you can change the volume of each program you have opened on your PC. After cutting the audio into pieces, you’ll have a few options for editing. VoiceMeeter works well on all versions of Windows.

What is the purpose of VoiceMeeter?

Various versions of the VoiceMeeter app

There are three key versions of the Voicemeeter app.

1. VoiceMeeter:

The basic VoiceMeeter app has two physical sources and one digital source. Sometimes it is not enough to control your sound. Yet, it could be a good way to start learning how the app works.

2. Voicemeeter Banana

Most people who live stream, like to use VoiceMeeter Banana. It has three physical sources and two digital sources. This much space at a mixing station is enough for streamers to separate the sound sources. Banana also has a small set of tools that can be used to make changes and edits.

3. Voicemeeter Potato

Voicemeeter Potato is the version of the series that is by far the biggest. People who already know how to use Voicemeeter will have the most success with Potato. It has five physical points of origin and three digital points of exit. You can choose from more effects and different ways to play the game again in the new version.

Is using VoiceMeeter to share information safe?

The VoiceMeeter app has a very simple way of working. It works as a middleman and lets you control the sound interfaces by itself. So, hackers can not get to your personal information.


If you’re looking for a simple way to monitor your device’s voice quality, Voicemeeter is a good option. VoiceMeeter seems to be a reliable program based on what people say about it. Not only it is risk-free, but it also makes people happy. Do not install VoiceMeeter software from anywhere besides the VB Video company portal. There are a lot of illegal copies out there, and you can not be sure that they work. So, you should not download from places that are not official. For more information visit our official website

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