Learn Stream to Twitch on Xbox Series S [2022] with Anthony LAS Curry Santana

Whether you are a streamer that is searching for resources to take your Twitch channel and community to a higher level, or just a passionate gamer with ambitions to broadcast your talents to a larger audience- Anthony "LAS Curry" Santana will help you to market your brand to turn your stream into a profitable business.

In this story I am sharing the best video tutorial by Anthony LAS Curry Santana on How to stream to Twitch from your Xbox Series S (2022)

What you will learn?

Here you will learn how to start streaming directly from your Xbox Series S to Twitch. This is the easiest way to start streaming as you do not need a capture card, or to use OBS or Streamlabs. Simply using your Xbox series S or X you can start streaming to Twitch with no issues.

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