Pro Tips to Become a Good Console Streamer

Everyone wants to become an excellent console streamer. But how to become one?  No worries!  Anthony "LAS Curry" Santana has some tips for you.

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1. Lagging and buffering streams are a big no-no! Make smooth streams that don't frustrate your viewers. 2. Fill up your XBox bio with your live streaming information. Once a potential viewer reaches out to your bio and learns that you stream, they will become your audience immediately.

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3. Party chats can be the best way to get viewers. 4.  Use a chatbot for more engagements. It will help clear user doubts regarding your stream and increase their retention with your videos.

5. Get an excellent headset and high quality microphone. Users care about your audio quality. It's better not to disappoint them. 6. Webcams are a must to record clear videos. They will find your streams more engaging if you have a high quality webcam for your live stream.

Woohoo!  You are a pro console streamer now!