Let's Learn about Mix It Up Bot Commands

What is a Mix It Up Bot?

Two Types of Mix It Up commands 1. Pre-built commands - you get several commands already provided by Mix It Up. You can use them for your Bot.

2. Custom  commands - you can create new commands and add them to your stream. For example, a welcome screen command.

Steps to create a custom command ● Open commands from the left menu on Mix It Up. ● Go to custom commands at the top and select the advanced option. ● Give a name to your command and select 'mod' in the command group.

● Write a chat message for when the user types 'triggers' on the screen. ● Add a text like 'welcome to my stream $targetuser!' ● Hit the play button to start the command.

Try these commands yourself and make your stream more interesting for viewers!

Want to know how to set up a twitch bot called Mix It Up Bot? Check out the LAS Curry's YouTube Video here: