Top 5 Famous Twitch Emotes of 2022 (With Meaning)

What makes Twitch a special platform?   Twitch-specific emotes that viewers and streamers use to express their feelings in chat. Yes! In this story I am going to share the Top 5 Popular Twitch Emotes of 2022 and their meanings.

Let’s begin and don’t forget to try these emotes!

The BabyRage It is a popular Twitch emote used by viewers to mock someone in the community who has a temper-tantrum.

The PJSalt The PJSalt is a common emote on Twitch. It is mostly used by gamers who get irritated about losing a game.

The MonkaGIGA The MonkaGIGA is widely used by viewers in the Twitch chat to react to shocking and anxious situations when watching a stream.

The CmonBruh You can sarcastically react to a silly comment by dropping the CmonBruh emote in the Twitch chat.

The Wutface Viewers spam the Wutface emote when someone says something cringe, unbelievable, or shocking in a stream.

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