Why do People watch Gaming Content on YouTube?

Why do People watch Gaming Content on YouTube?

Why do People watch Gaming Content on YouTube?

Today gamers are among the main content creators on YouTube and Twitch, with a steadily increasing following and are beginning to give economic and social relevance to the phenomenon of e-sports.


Gaming streamers share same status as celebrities

In today's world, we have celebrities on television as well as popular gamers on platforms like YouTube. Both have audiences and followers in the millions and that’s why gaming can be a good way for influencers to rise to the top.

It’s all about their hobby

Gaming is a spectator sport. Most YouTube gamers like watching other people play games. It’s similar to the reason why people watch movies or read books.

To be a part of a huge Audience

Gamers aren't what you think. Some are influencers with a huge audience and guess what??? You can also join their gaming family by subscribing to their channel.

A great source of entertainment

Watching gameplay of other streamers is really entertaining. The audience loves watching when gamers play popular games with other streamers and face troubles to clear a mission or objective.

Gaming helps to learn new skills

Almost every game has a goal that keeps players hooked.  Watching gaming videos may be a great way to improve your gaming abilities.


Top 5 Live Streaming Platforms in 2022

Top 5 Live Streaming Platforms in 2022


Top 5 Live Streaming Platforms in 2022

Want to know about the different live streaming platforms to grow as a content creator? Let's explore them all!


Twitch is the most popular streaming platform out there. It had a whopping 7.57 million active streamers in December 2021. How cool, right?


Interesting Facts about Live Streaming you Should know

Interesting Facts about Live Streaming you Should know

Interesting facts about live streaming you should know!

You will be surprised to know some interesting facts about Live Streaming. 
Let’s get started:

Viewers watch live videos 8 times as long as they watch on-demand videos.

People watch live streams for about 42 minutes as compared to 5.1 minutes for on-demand videos.

The streaming channel “Critical Role” is the highest earning channel on Twitch, with revenue of $9.6 million between August 2019 and October 2021.

Just Chatting, League of Legends, and GTA V are the most popular categories on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming with expanding user bases.

Millennials are the largest audience for live streaming.

Nearly 63% of millennials watch a live stream regularly which is the highest among all age groups.


5 Expert Tips to Generate Income from Live Streaming

5 Expert Tips to Generate Income from Live Streaming

Expert Tips to Generate Income from Live Streaming

In this story we are sharing some great tips on live stream monetization. Let’s learn how to get paid to live stream online!

1. Viewer Donations:
Create a monetization model where your viewers can donate to your stream. You can offer them something in return. It will bring more donations to your live stream.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

You can review products on your live stream and promote viewers to buy them. When they use your link to buy a product online, you get a commission.

3. Creator Merch:

If your viewers love you, they will love your merch. You can create a merch store and encourage your viewers to buy them on your live stream.

4. Brand sponsorship:
You can make money from other brands if your live streaming channel has a loyal audience. Brands will pay you to advertise their product on your stream and bring buyers to their doorsteps.

5. Subscription for exclusive live streams:
You can divide your live streaming content in two parts - general and premium. All your viewers can watch your general streams for free, but they would have to pay a subscription fee to watch your exclusive live streams.

It's a great time to monetize your live stream. Choose any of the five tips and get started now!

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Top 5 Famous Twitch Emotes of 2022 (With Meaning)

Top 5 Famous Twitch Emotes of 2022 (With Meaning)

Top 5 Famous Twitch Emotes of 2022 (With Meaning)

What makes Twitch a special platform?  

Twitch-specific emotes that viewers and streamers use to express their feelings in chat.

Yes! In this story I am going to share the Top 5 Popular Twitch Emotes of 2022 and their meanings.

Let’s begin and don’t forget to try these emotes!

The BabyRage

It is a popular Twitch emote used by viewers to mock someone in the community who has a temper-tantrum.

The PJSalt

The PJSalt is a common emote on Twitch. It is mostly used by gamers who get irritated about losing a game.

The MonkaGIGA

The MonkaGIGA is widely used by viewers in the Twitch chat to react to shocking and anxious situations when watching a stream.

The CmonBruh

You can sarcastically react to a silly comment by dropping the CmonBruh emote in the Twitch chat.

The Wutface

Viewers spam the Wutface emote when someone says something cringe, unbelievable, or shocking in a stream.

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A quick Overview of MixItUP Bot Commands

A quick Overview of MixItUP Bot Commands

Let's Learn about Mix It Up Bot Commands

What is a Mix It Up Bot?

Two Types of Mix It Up commands

1. Pre-built commands - you get several commands already provided by Mix It Up. You can use them for your Bot.

2. Custom
 commands - you can create new commands and add them to your stream. For example, a welcome screen command.

Steps to create a custom command

● Open commands from the left menu on Mix It Up.

● Go to custom commands at the top and select the advanced option.

● Give a name to your command and select 'mod' in the command group.

● Write a chat message for when the user types 'triggers' on the screen.

● Add a text like 'welcome to my stream $targetuser!'

● Hit the play button to start the command.

Try these commands yourself and make your stream more interesting for viewers!

Want to know how to set up a twitch bot called Mix It Up Bot?

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Top 5 Live Streaming Trends to Watch Out in 2022

Top 5 Live Streaming Trends to Watch Out in 2022

Top 5 Live Streaming Trends to Watch Out for in 2022!

Live streaming is ever-changing. Every year new trends in live streaming emerge. This year, five live streaming trends are ruling the industry.

Let's learn about live streaming trends in 2022! 

1. People prefer shorter live streams over longer ones in order to keep the audience more engaged.

2. Use affiliate marketing to grow your revenue through live streaming.

3. It’s time for 360-degree live streaming! Showing all angles in your room in a vlogging style is the new trend.

4. Ask for and positively accept viewers’ feedback to improve your online videos.

5. Finally, track new live streaming tech and make better online videos.


What is the Future of Live Streaming?

What is the Future of Live Streaming?

What is the Future of Live Streaming?

Let’s Explore!

Live streaming is a profitable career now.

Many streamers are creating live content rapidly. Brands and viewers have welcomed the live streaming culture. But, what will happen tomorrow?

Scroll to learn more!

Live streaming will keep growing in the upcoming years. It will become a bigger buzzword in the future.

Here’s why live streaming will have a bright future

● More users will attend live streams than watching recorded videos.

● Many brands already use live streaming. More companies will market using online videos.

● Technologies are improving and new gadgets support live streaming.

● Online platforms will increase their support for live streaming and invite more content creators to host live sessions.


Learn Streaming on Multiple Platforms with Evmux

Learn Streaming on Multiple Platforms with Evmux

Engage your Audience by Streaming on Multiple Platforms


Do you want to grow your engagement by streaming on multiple platforms? Anthony "LAS Curry" Santana has got you covered!

What's multistreaming?

Multistreaming is the ability to record an online video and show it across various social media platforms for maximum engagement.
Several tools are available to facilitate a seamless multistreaming experience for you and your viewers.

Handheld Sign
Handheld Sign

Evmux - The Buzzword!

Why use Evmux for multistreaming?

1. It truly gives you everything you need to create your live streams.

2. Allowing you to make scenes ahead of time, add videos, lower thirds, backgrounds, graphics, and even customize the placement of everything with just a few clicks.

Get, set, go! You are all set for multistreaming via Evmux.

Need more insight on multistreaming or accessories needed for live streaming? 


Master Instagram Live Streaming with Easy to Follow Steps

Master Instagram Live Streaming with Easy to Follow Steps

Master Instagram Live Streaming with Easy to Follow Steps

By LAS Curry

Do you want to learn about live streaming on Instagram?

Let's learn how to become a pro Instagram live streamer.

Many people fail to get audiences for their Instagram live streaming. They make many efforts but cannot get viewers for their online videos.

Here’re some techniques to win over Instagram live streams.

Some tips to become a successful Insta live streamer are:

● Add a countdown timer to your live stream

● Go live when you get high responses

● Ask your viewers to join your live stream

● Pin your live streaming title on your video

Apart from these, more tips can help you become pro Instagram streamers.

Do you want to know more about live streaming on Instagram? No worries! You can learn it right here.