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Top 7 Twitch View Bots in 2023 [Paid and Free] – LAS Curry

If you are trying hard to make your Twitch account popular yet nothing works out, it’s time to do something different. Why don’t you consider a Twitch view bot! It’s the best way to make your stream successful. So, let’s learn about the top seven Twitch view bots in 2022.

1. Followersup


Followersup is an easy-to-use Twitch view bot with a great price. It has a subscription plan of $2 for 100 channel views, $4 for 500 channel views, and up to $44 for 10,000 channel views. This bot can help you stand out and get more attention from your viewers.

Followersup has the experience and features to make your stream look more appealing. They have spent a lot of time learning what customers need from their bot. So, Followersup is a modified view bot, ensuring huge success for your Twitch channel.

It is an affordable view bot that gives you numerous features without paying much. Followersup ensures that your live streams get the required attention and a high following. You can get their higher packages to unlock more features.

2. Viewer Apps

Viewer Apps

Many streamers don’t like to pay for a new view bot initially. Are you one of them? If yes, you will love Viewer Apps. It’s another easy-to-use bot that gives you a free trial to show you its features. Once you become satisfied with Viewer Apps, you can upgrade to their paid version. So, the entire tool is free for new users.

The free version of Viewer Apps gives you 24 chat lists and 25 live viewers for up to ten minutes. Such an engagement might not be adequate for your live stream but it can be a good option for busy people with a strict live streaming schedule. While you focus on your streams, Viewer Apps will do the rest for you!

3. UseViral


Do you want a Twitch view bot that guarantees results? If yes, you need to check out Use Viral.

UseViral can boost your live stream engagement without any hassle. They have worked with many companies. So, they know exactly what your Twitch account needs to become successful and appealing to your viewers. They will bring guaranteed results for your live stream in a short span.

UseViral has an affordable price scheme. It is one of the best view bots on the market starting from $3 for 500 views and $149 for 50,000 views. So, you can use it for your Twitch streams even if you are new to live streaming and have a small budget. UseViral promotes your Twitch account in many ways. It can help you boost your social media presence to get more attention and grow your live stream over time.

4. Stream Elements

Stream Elements

Stream Elements is an interactive and paid view bot that has numerous modules. It lets you integrate other profiles into your Twitch account for more engagement. For example, you can integrate Twitter tweets with your live streaming channel for a better engagement using Stream Elements.

This bot has some unique features you will love. One of the most popular features in Stream Elements is ranking boards. You can use it to encourage your audience to do something.

5. Moobot


Trusting a new view bot for your Twitch account can be challenging. So, many streamers seek reputable bots in the market. One major reputable and trusted Twitch view bot is Moobot. It’s a popular paid view bot used by many streamers. So, you don’t have to doubt Moobot and its results.

Sometimes a bot can be dangerous for your channel. But, Moobot is 100% safe. They care about your channel’s safety and privacy with advanced and secure features.

It’s an easy and fun bot for both beginners and experienced streamers. Moobot lets you customize its features to meet your specific goals. So, it’s a great option for everyone!

6. Twitch View Bot

Twitch View Bot

Are you looking for an easy and free Twitch view bot? Nothing can be better than the Twitch View Bot! It has many features to win your heart. Twitch View Bot gives you the viewer and followers features, without asking for a single penny.

Many YouTubers and streamers recommend using Twitch View Bot. It’s an excellent tool that brings positive results to your doorsteps without affecting your streaming budget. You can use Twitch View Bot to get more visibility and increase your audience reach on Twitch.

7. Phantombot


Do you need more commands with a high degree of customizations in a view bot? Phantombot may be the bot for you.

Phantombot gives you numerous features and commands to grow your Twitch account endlessly. You can integrate your bot with various other platforms to get more engagement for your live streams. Phantombot lets you customize its commands to get desired results for your Twitch account.

However, you might find using Phantombot a bit difficult if you are new to using view bots. If you have some experience, Phantombot is the perfect tool for you. It can help you get great results without spending too much money.

Wrapping Up!

View bots can help your Twitch account appear more active with many viewers. It can help you get more followers and attention for your channel. So, choose a view bot from the above list and make your Twitch account more successful.

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