Promoting Your YouTube Channel

Top Tips for Promoting Your YouTube Channel in 2021

If you have an online business, one of the best things you can do is leverage the power of video and create a YouTube channel. If you can grow a successful YouTube channel, then you will automatically notice an uptick in organic traffic to your website. But how do you go about promoting your business channel on YouTube to get the most out of the platform? Here are some of the top tips for promoting your YouTube channel.

Optimize Your YouTube Content

Search engine optimization isn’t just a strategy for driving more traffic to your website. SEO is also essential for your YouTube channel if you want your content to be discoverable in the search rankings. Make sure that you put relevant keywords throughout your channel profile, video titles and descriptions, and in your tags and annotations.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

email marketing

Publishing quality videos is a substantial first step in promoting your YouTube channel, but you have to make sure that your audience knows when you post new content. The best way to do this is by delivering updates directly to their inbox. Email is still one of the best channels that you can use to reach your target audience.

Stay Active in the Community

It is no longer enough to merely create content regularly; you need to actively engage with your audience if you want to grow your YouTube channel. If a viewer takes the time to comment on one of your videos, then you need to take the time to reply by interacting and answering their questions and feedback. You also need to be active in niche communities by leaving comments on other channels and providing feedback on videos. Promoting other YouTube channels and participating in the community shows your brand as an active and engaged YouTuber, which will catch the attention of your viewers.

Advertise Your Channel

advertise your channel

If you want to reach new audiences, then you should consider trying one of YouTube’s various advertising options. You can run an ad campaign through Google Ads, and utilize YouTube’s Creator Academy to ensure that the ads that you create for your videos resonate with your audience.

Run a Contest

When it comes to engaging more with your target audience, there are very few strategies that work as well as a contest. Everyone loves to get free stuff. You can incentivize your viewers to subscribe to your channel by running giveaways. You must offer prizes that will get your audience to take action and have a solid contest promotion strategy if you want this promotion tactic to work.

Increase Engagement with Calls to Action

A clear and compelling CTA (Call to Action) in your videos or description can do wonders for your YouTube channel. For instance, after enjoying one of your videos, if someone forgets to like it or subscribe to it, how can you make them engaged with your upcoming videos?  By adding a good CTA in your videos, you can directly ask them for some love and engagement. Besides, you can ask your audience a query to answer or some suggestions in your comment section or simply ask them to show some love in terms of subscription to your YouTube channel for upcoming videos’ updates. Moreover, you can put likewise link into your videos or add an external link to your website to work like a kind of CTA for you. These are the best ways to increase engagement with your audience and result in better promotion of your YouTube channel.

Create Custom Thumbnails

Another beneficial tip for promoting your YouTube channel is to create custom eye-catchy thumbnails. However, YouTube automatically generates video thumbnails. Unluckily, sometimes these thumbnails get blurry or unclear. This is where a customized, brighter, clearer, and attention-grabbing thumbnail helps in increasing your views as it is much more clickable than automatic YouTube thumbnails.

Create High-Quality Videos

high quality videos

Creating high-quality video works effectively in growing your YouTube channel. However, poor videos lessen the effectiveness of even the best-created content. That’s why you should create high-quality videos by using a decent camera. Also, perform a sound check prior to any recording and grab some basic video editing skills. Always prefer to use SEO-optimized titles and descriptions for your videos. Such high-quality videos will keep people more engaged with your YouTube channel.

Interact with Your Fans

Everybody wants to see their YouTube fan base blossom. Building a good connection with your fans is another best way to expand your fan base and promote YouTube channels. The more you interact with your fans and show some love to them, the more likely you can build a deep connection with them and result in more engagements. For instance, if you give a lovely response to your fans, they will feel valued and respected and can become your loyal fans across all channels. Moreover, such fans may further share your YouTube channel with their friends. So, if you have not yet started interacting with your fans, it’s a good time to jump on board in 2021!

Create Long Videos to Enhance Watching Time

Longer videos are more engaging and fruitful for your YouTube channel. In short and simple words, YouTube loves it, as your videos are keeping people more engaged and retained on the site for longer. Moreover, Plus, a long video can also serve more YouTube ads. Apart from it, long-form videos with SEO-optimized keywords rank better in search engine results pages.

However, it doesn’t mean you create tedious videos for the sake of keeping your videos long. Make sure to keep them both long as well as interesting, otherwise it will just end up with reduced user experience and engagement.

Wrapping up!

YouTube is a valuable and incredibly powerful social network. The above tactics for promoting your channel will help you engage with your audience and build your YouTube channel. So, if you are still looking for – “where to promote your YouTube channel,” you can learn more here