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How to Plan & Execute Content for a Gaming Channel in 2021?

Best Content For Gaming Channel

As of 2021, the multi-million-dollar gaming industry has experienced enormous growth and is continuously booming at an alarming rate. The entire video gaming market is projected to grow and reach over 200 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2023. However, the global video streaming market size is expected to touch over 842.93 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

Due to its growth, this entertainment industry is becoming famous among adults as well as children regardless of gender and age. Moreover, it is paving new ways for game lovers to choose a career in the field of video games. If you do want to begin with a better-earning career in this gaming industry or just want to showcase your gaming passion or skills to the outer world, you can start as a gaming YouTuber by creating your own game channel. Here some questions may arise in your mind like why to opt for only this career, why gaming is good content for YouTube, what you need to start a gaming channel, or how to start a gaming channel on YouTube, etc. So, let’s start with some of these important questions and jot down the answers to these queries with LAS Curry!

Why Gaming is Good Content for YouTube?

Gaming is a competitive world. Millions of people love to play video games today and more than that just enjoy watching other gamers on YouTube while playing. Being an incredible gaming platform, YouTube has been experiencing a huge rise in traffic from gaming content creators who specifically creates gaming-based videos. In fact, some gamers are earning so much from this video-sharing platform that they have turned their gaming channel into a full-time career. That’s why gaming is good content for YouTube. And, it’s high time to create a viral buzz by beginning your own gaming channel; otherwise, you will miss that huge traffic numbers.

Next, you need to brainstorm for your gaming channel content and focus on how to plan and execute content for a gaming channel in 2021. Let’s have a look:

How to Plan & Execute Content for a Gaming Channel?

Undoubtedly, starting your own YouTube gaming channel in 2021’s competitive gaming world is not so easy feat. We understand that YouTube is full of famous gamers who have already dominated the space with billions of YouTube views. And, it is difficult for a beginner to cut through such noise and get visible among them. But that doesn’t mean it is not possible. Creating a gaming channel and making it grow successfully gets much easier when you know how to plan and execute content for it. So, let’s focus on your gaming content first.

Here we have summarized some key points that you should consider while planning and executing content for your gaming channel:

Once you have an idea of gaming channel content, start understanding what you need to begin a gaming channel. Let’s throw some light on it:

What do you need to start a Gaming Channel?

To start a gaming channel, you require some necessary tools and equipment. These include:

After understanding gaming content planning, its execution, and required tools, you’re more likely to start your first gaming video on YouTube. But, do you know how to select the right niche? If no, let’s dive a bit deeper into it.

First Gaming Video on YouTube: How to Select the Right Niche?

If you’ve made up your mind to start with your very first gaming video on YouTube, so what would be your niche? Here, niche simply means a smaller segment of the gaming market you want to target. So, you should first know who is your targeted audience or for what viewers you’re going to stream. Make sure to start with a low competition gaming niche as it will maximize your chances to stand out and get succeed.

On the other hand, you should go for those games you’re passionate about to cover, stream or review as innovative content creation ideas will arise in your mind more naturally. For example, eSports game is one of the competitive game genres nowadays. There will be thousands of gamers who are publishing videos on it regularly. So, if you’re solely focused on this niche, how to outshine this crowd? The answer is you need to think something out of the box and adopt a smart approach to grow your gaming channel – by posting something new, engaging, and more unique.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for the best gaming channel ideas, we have compiled a list of the top 10 such ideas to grab more views. Read on to know these ideas:

Top 10 Gaming Channel Ideas that really get Views

The gaming channel ideas compiled here are mainly focused on what you can do with your channel (the branding of your channel, videos and gaming channel names, your channel’s appearance, etc.) as a whole. Let’s have a look:

  1. Collaborate with other gaming channels.
  2. Publish videos in series or episodes.
  3. Solidify the branding of your channel from your gaming channel logo to outros.
  4. Add a touch of interesting intros and outros (plus optimize your gaming channel description in tune with YouTube’s search engine)
  5. Create a separate side-channel for new content.
  6. Start running a new channel in the company of your friends (let your viewers feel more comfortable with your video).
  7. Stream on YTG or Twitch (will help you to blossom your subscribers/fan base).
  8. Do reviews, tutorials, or in-depth discussions on games.
  9. Do question and answer videos on games.
  10. Compete against other gamers by participating in ongoing gaming competitions.

These all gaming channel ideas will really help you to increase the number of views on your channel.

You’re All Set Now!

That’s it! You are all set to start your own gaming channel in 2021. However, if you still have any queries or confusion regarding how to plan and execute content for your gaming channel, Streaming Marketing Secrets is here to help you. So, don’t waste time. Contact us today and let’s grow you as a gaming YouTuber!

Till then happy gaming!

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