144hz Gaming Monitors

Top 5 Budget 144hz Gaming Monitors Under $200 in 2022

Your streaming setup needs a great monitor. It will make your gaming more fun and exciting. The perfect monitor will make you want to spend more time playing. So, let’s look for the best gaming monitor for your room! There are certain criteria you should look for, most importantly It should have proper colors that don’t irritate your eyes. I know this sounds costly, but nope! You can get the best monitors for$200 or less!

Even as a new streamer, you can buy top-tier monitors on a small budget and upgrade your setup after getting started.Although many pro streamers often use inexpensive monitors. Why? Because these monitors still have a great performance!

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Have a look at the top five 144hz gaming monitors that will suit your budget. Let’s begin!

1. MSI Optix

MSI OptixThis is one of the best gaming monitors in your budget. It has all you need for gaming. It has a sleek and all-black design. So, it will most likely match your room and help you build the best setup. You get a stand with this monitor, which will help you tilt the screen to some extent as well as stability to hold your screen in place.

Some other features include the ability to adjust the brightness and contrast according to your liking, HD resolution that gives great picture quality, and a 144 Hz refresh rate so your games will smoothly run on this monitor. It is a high-quality monitor that won’t strain your eyes. You can play games on your PC without harming your body.

It is an inexpensive monitor with many features. So, it’s the perfect gaming monitor for your budget. Check it out now!

2. Samsung CRG5

Samsung CRG5Many gamers love curved monitors. They give you a large screen without consuming too much desk space. So, you don’t have to use multiple monitors while gaming. Most monitors from Samsung are high quality. This budget monitor is one of the best in the market. Gamers love it due to its many features.

It has a sleek design that can match your game room. Getting a curved screen can make your games more attractive. Also, you can remove multiple monitors from your desk so your desk will appear cleaner. It has a high refresh rate of 144hz. Your games will have a smooth performance when using this monitor.

It has clear vision in the dark. So, you can spot enemies even if they are hiding. This monitor is built for gaming. They say you can even feel the game when viewing it on this curved screen!

3. AOC 27G2

AOC 27G2It is one of the most popular gaming monitors among gamers. This monitor has a sturdy stand that keeps the screen in place. It has a black and red design which looks great with any setup. You can tilt and adjust the screen whenever you like. It also lets you adjust the height according to your convenience.

This AOC monitor has a high-resolution display. You can get clear images when playing games on it. It has a high refresh rate and quick response time. So, you can get the best gaming experience. It has a soft color that doesn’t harm your eyes. You can play games without straining your eyes.

This monitor has no flickering and dimming. So, you can get the same display every time. It is an inexpensive addition to your gaming setup. Many gamers have it already. Buy yours now!


ASUS VG248QGMany pro gamers use the ASUS monitors. They love this monitor for gaming. It has a high refresh rate of 165 Hz. So, you can run games and get a smooth performance when using this monitor. You will get a 24-inch screen with a full HD quality.

It has a solid stand that lets you tilt the screen and adjust its height on your desk. It works well with NVIDIA graphics cards to give you the best gaming experience. This monitor will not harm your eyes even if you play games for hours. It has a blue light filter and a flicker-free display that helps keep your eyes safe.

This ASUS monitor gives you a clean display in the dark. So, it’s the perfect monitor for gaming. Even new gamers can buy this inexpensive monitor. Get the best monitor for yourself today!

5. BenQ Zowie XL2411K

BenQ Zowie XL2411KThis BenQ monitor is all you need for gaming. It has a sturdy stand that gives you much functionality. You can tilt, rotate, and swivel the screen easily. Also, it lets you adjust the monitor’s height for a perfect gaming experience. You can remove the screen from the stand. So, you can fix it on the wall if you want.

It has many gaming modes. So, you can change the modes for a better experience. This monitor works well with PS5 and Xbox Series X. You get many display settings to enhance your gaming experience. You can customize the monitor menu to adjust the setting quickly. It’s a great feature when you are busy playing a game.

It has a standard refresh rate of 144Hz. So, your games will run smoothly. It’s an inexpensive monitor you must buy for gaming.

Summing Up!

You can buy the best five gaming monitors without spending more than $200. They are inexpensive and have high color performance. Many gamers buy these monitors for their setup. It’s your turn now! Get these gaming monitors and build the best setup! If you have any more questions related to monitors, gaming, and live streaming then visit lascurry.com now!