RØDECaster Pro II Unboxing & Review | Best Audio Mixer for Streaming

RØDECaster Pro II Unboxing & Review | Best Audio Mixer for Streaming

In this RODECaster pro II unboxing & review I share why I feel the Rodecaster pro 2 is the best audio mixer for streaming. ****** Want to see the RØDECaster Pro II in action, watch my past live stream ➡️ https://lascurry.com/pastlivestreams

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📒Products Mentioned In Video📒

Goxlr Audio Mixer – https://geni.us/60NP (Amazon)

RODE Rodecaster Pro II – https://geni.us/DgwT (Amazon)

RODE USB C to USB A Cable – https://geni.us/9JUxq (Amazon)

RØDECaster Pro 2 Desk Mount – https://geni.us/N1Kpl8J (Amazon)

RODE NTH-100 Headset – https://geni.us/3i4Xe (Amazon)

RODE Pod Microphone – https://geni.us/9A39 (Amazon)

RODECaster Pro II Walkthrough Guide:

➡️ https://rode.com/en/user-guides/rodecaster-pro-ii

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In this video, you will get to get a first look at the RODECaster pro 2, with an unboxing and review along with some tips and advice to make it the best audio mixer for streaming.

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