My Live Streaming and Content Creation Desk Tour 2022

My Live Streaming and Content Creation Desk Tour

A full tour of my live streaming & content creation desk that I use daily. There are links to every single product that I mention in the description below:

This video is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something I will receive a small commission.

📒Product Links (in order of the video)📒

Logitech C920x Webcam – (Amazon)
Webcam Mount Stand – (Amazon)
Digital Timer – (Amazon)
3 in 1 Charging Station – (Amazon)
Logitech PC Speakers – (Amazon)
Xbox Elite 2 Controller – (Amazon)
KontrolFreek FPS – (Amazon)
Gunnar Gaming Glasses – (Amazon)
Clear Gaming Glasses – (Amazon)
Xbox Wireless Headset – (Amazon)
Apple Macbook Pro – (Amazon)
Macbook Port Dock – (Amazon)
Apple Wireless Keyboard – (Amazon)
Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive – (Amazon)
Seagate 8TB Hard Drive – (Amazon)
Xbox Series S Hard Drive – (Amazon)
Elgato Key Lights – (Amazon)
Neewer GL1 Gaming Key Light – (Amazon)
Budget Key Light – (Amazon)
Sceptre 1080p Monitors – (Amazon)
Xbox Series S – (Amazon)
Elgato CamLink – (Amazon)
Sony a5100 Camera – (Amazon)
Sigma 16mm Camera Lens – (Amazon)
Sony Camera Dummy Battery – (Amazon)
Camera Tripod – (Amazon)
Elgato Stream Deck – (Amazon)
Leather Desk Pad Protector – (Amazon)
RGB Wireless Keyboard – (Amazon)
Audio Technica Microphone – (Amazon)
Microphone Mount with Pop Filter – (Amazon)
Microphone Arm – (Amazon)
Microphone Mixamp – (Amazon)
Microphone XLR Cable – (Amazon)
SD Card Reader 7 in 1 – (Amazon)
60 in Computer Desk – (Amazon)
Gaming Chair – (Amazon)
RGB Background Light – (Amazon)
Backdrop Support System – (Amazon)
Paper Photography Backdrop – (Amazon)
Elgato Green Screen – (Amazon)
Govee Smart Light Bars – (Amazon)
Selfie Ring Light – (Amazon)
Fake Small Plants – (Amazon)
Cable Management – (Amazon)
Gaming Neon Sign – (Amazon)

📒 Show Notes 📒

1️⃣ (YouTube Video) – Overlay Setup in OBS (Free Overlays)

2️⃣ Professional Custom Stream Overlays (Stream Designz)

3️⃣ Free Tool To Get More Views On Live Streams (vidIQ)

4️⃣ Easiest Way to Monetize Your Videos (Uscreen)

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My Live Streaming and Content Creation Desk Tour

⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 5 Tips to Grow as a Small Streamer
0:30 How Much Should a Small Streamer Stream
1:04 How to get more views as a Small Streamer
2:00 How Many Days A Week to Stream as a Small Streamer
2:20 Why Small Streamers Need a Community
3:34 You wont grow as a Small Streamer without Help
4:37 Why Small Streamers Need to Brand themselves
5:12 How to apply these tips to grow as a small streamer

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Camera: (Amazon)
Camera Lens: (Amazon)
Microphone: (Amazon)
Mic Mixer: (Amazon)
Lighting: (Amazon)
Teleprompter: (Amazon)

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In this video LAS Curry give you a tour of his live streaming & content creation setup with the hope of helping you level up your current setup.

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