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LAS Curry: A Complete Guide To Live Streaming Equipment in 2022

Live Streaming Gear 2022- Las Curry

Live Streaming – An Overview 

Streaming a live video in 2022 has become a priority for businesses to stay connected to their audiences. In addition to this, live streaming is the option for streaming events virtually or for official purposes like staying in touch with the employees who work remotely.

Gone are the days when one can come live over only social media platforms as, with time, it has widened its horizons. If you want to add a professional spark while you go live, find some live streaming equipment that may enhance the quality and procedure of streaming live in every way.

Are you planning to practice full-fledged regular live streaming to connect to your audiences? We have got you covered on this!

Why Live Streaming?

Live streaming videos are very impactful at service promotions, live announcements, and much more. However, you must have proper live streaming equipment. Some advantages of live streaming equipment:

If you want to build the best live streaming videos, you have to have live streaming equipment and sound knowledge.

Let’s talk about the A-Z equipment guide to make your live streaming session a professional one.

Here is the equipment list to make your live streaming astounding:

a) Equipment for mobile live streaming:

Mobile live streaming setup is different from camera setup. It’s easier and doesn’t need too much equipment.

  1. Digital tools – RTMP-enabled video hosting platform and mobile streaming app
  1. Physical equipment –

b) Equipment for Video Camera live streaming:

  1. Video Camera– This is the first thing you require for professional live broadcasting. You can choose among these options –


  1. Audio Equipment– Of Course! the audience wants a better audio quality anyway. You must invest in good audio equipment like:
  1. Mixing Equipment– You need this if you want to capture multiple videos or audios at one moment and switch in between as required. Mixing equipment is generally required for large multi-camera live streaming. Remember that good mixing equipment has – perfect physical size, inputs and outputs, automation and connectivityand on-board processing.
  1. Encoders– Encoders compiles images into a fluid kind of video format. Encoders also make a video compatible with the software and change audio/video quality. There are two types of encoders:
  1. Video Streaming Accessories – You need accessories to support your live streaming videos. Live streaming accessories can add that proficient element into your video. Below listed are the basic ones that you need –
  1. Content Delivery Networks – Using CDN is a professional way to deliver content to your audiences effectively. CDN comprises servers and networks that help connect to a broader distributed network of live streaming servers.


A proper set of live streaming equipment has become a must in 2022. It is considered the best method to connect to audiences because of its best audio/video quality, zero lag time, static analysis, and much more.

Now that you know what you need to rock a live stream, you are required to consider each piece of essential equipment, bring all of it on board, and make it happen professionally. Having the right equipment and devices is all you need to make the most out of your live streaming purpose.



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