Is MultiStreaming A Good Idea? [For New Streamers]

As a new streamer your biggest challenge is getting viewers, so is multistreaming a good idea and something you should be doing? In today’s video I’m going to talk about what is multistreaming, the benefits of multistreaming, and how to multistream using obs & restream so you can reach more viewers to build and grow your community.

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0:00 – Is Multistreaming a Good idea?

0:32 – What is Multistreaming?

0:52 – Twitch Affiliate Contracts

1:38 – How to Expand Your Reach

2:05 – Streaming Marketing Secrets University

2:29 – How to engage with your community easier

3:06 – The advantages of each platform

3:51 – How to Create An Account On Restream

4:48 – How to Add Channels To Restream

5:25 – How to connect Restream to OBS

6:12 – How to Setup Restream Widgets In OBS

7:07 – Best setting for multi-streaming with obs

9:17 – Join The Private Facebook Group For Streamers

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