How to use Studio Mode in Streamlabs OBS

How to use Studio Mode in Streamlabs?

Are you nervous about your live streams? Do you fear making mistakes when going live? Streamlabs has the perfect solution for you!

It’s the studio mode in Streamlabs! Using the studio mode option makes switching scenes much simpler if you want to improve the production value of your stream. You can preview the next scene before switching to it in studio mode on Streamlabs. This is fantastic for avoiding errors and setting up more complicated scene scenarios.

You might be new to studio mode if you just started streaming. It might look challenging at first, but it’s simple. This post will give you a complete look into studio mode in Streamlabs. So, let’s jump in and take a look at where you can find the studio mode and how to use it.

Where is Studio Mode in Streamlabs?

Studio mode is a popular tool among streamers in Streamlabs. You might have seen smooth live streams online that were flawless. Here’s a secret! Most streamers use Studio Mode to create these live streams.

You might be wondering where the studio feature in Streamlabs. You might not have used all features on Streamlabs, especially if you are new to live streaming.

The Studio button is located on the bottom left-hand panel in Streamlabs. If you click on it once, you will see two panes on the screen. Don’t panic! You will get back to the original screen by clicking on the Studio Mode button.

Now, you might be thinking about the internal working and use of Studio Mode in Streamlabs.

How does Studio Mode work in Streamlabs?


You can edit your scenes and swap them on-the-fly using the Studio mode feature. You can click the Studio mode button, which is located above the Settings button. Your preview screen has been divided into two screens, as you can see.

The right pane is your actual Live view. What happens on the Live screen will be visible to your audience. Your edits will take place on the left screen. You can customize the transition style, alter any scene element while live broadcasting, and switch between
scenes whenever you want.

So, you have enough understanding of Studio Mode in Streamlabs. What’s next?

We’ll now examine Studio mode in Streamlabs to see how it functions. When you go to Studio mode, there will now be two screens showing. One is referred to as edit, and the other as live. What does each of these screens perform exactly?

Edit Screen

Your audience isn’t seeing the edit screen in real-time in the studio. Before converting this scene to a live scene, you can make changes and ensure that everything looks right. Here, you can also freely switch scenes to choose the one that will be your next scene. Your audience won’t observe this scene change because it takes place in the background.

Live Screen

What is now being transmitted to your streaming service is the Live screen. Your audience is watching this right now.

By altering your video in the edit window, it appears as though you have some control over what your visitors will see. Additionally, what they are watching will appear on the live screen.

You might have enough idea of Studio Mode by now. Moving on, you might be thinking about the use of this tool in Streamlabs. Stay tuned!

How To Use Studio Mode In Streamlabs?

How To Use Studio Mode In Streamlabs?

When you click on a scene in Studio mode, it will move into your Edit section. When you click a scene in streamlabs normally, your audience sees it right away. The studio is essentially a step that has been added so you can double-check your work.

Make Scene Switching Easier With Hotkeys

It is best to use hotkeys when using studio mode as a solo streamer. Use a number pad instead of a stream deck if you want to save money. Online shopping makes it simple to find inexpensive number pads in physical stores.

Give a key to each scene. Give your transition button a key. This implies that you can quickly switch between your scenes using your stream deck and that you can use the transition hot key to go live after you have selected the right scene. Your viewers will see this scene in real-time by doing it.

It might be confusing during the initial days to use hotkeys. However, you can practice more and master using hotkeys for transitions easily.

Adding Transitions To Your Scenes

Adding Transitions To Your Scenes

Adding transitions is a terrific technique to make it easier on the eyes if you frequently switch between numerous scenarios. Streamlabs offers preset transitions that you can use, or you can buy transitions online. It will help you attract more viewers and give a professional look to your stream.

However, adding too many transitions will make your stream look unprofessional. So, use fewer transitions and make your videos look better to your viewers.

Wrapping Up

Studio Mode is a great tool for streamers to make excellent videos. You can avoid making mistakes and look more professional before the viewers. You should now be able to use Streamlabs’ Studio mode to improve the caliber of your stream.

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