How to Make Your Live Stream Look Professional

How to Make Your Live Stream Look Professional?- LAS Curry

Live streaming is popular these days. What are some unique things in your stream that attracts viewers? You can create professional live streams to bring more viewers to your stream. But how do you create such videos? It’s simple! All you need is to follow a few tips to make your live stream look more professional.

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Let’s jump into learning about these professional tips and tricks!

1. Add Stream Overlays and Timers

Stream overlays can make your videos look better without doing anything. You can add custom overlays to OBS and give your channel a professional look.

Furthermore, you can add a timer before your stream starts to make your videos more interactive with the viewers. So, stream overlays and timers are the best things to do for your stream.

2. Create a professional room

Viewers look at your background and decide whether to watch your live stream or not. So, creating a professional room setup should be your priority. The pro streamers arrange their room to make their videos look better.

You can use background props like plants, neon lights, or anything that matches your theme. Viewers get bored looking at the same background in every stream. So, it’s better to change the room décor frequently.

3. Setup an excellent desk

Having a professional desk can make your videos look better. A professional desk can also push you to make better streams. Top streamers buy cool accessories to build the perfect desk. So, you can get them to create the best streaming setting.

You can buy desk accessories for your live streams like mousepads, USB hubs, RGB keypads, headphone stands, wire organizers, etc. It should be your second priority after creating a professional studio.

4. Use appropriate lights

Smart Wall LightLights can make a huge difference, and proper lights will help you record more professional videos. You can begin by fixing the lights in your room. It’s best to use neon lights and RGB panels to set up the perfect streaming room.

Your face should look clear in your videos. You can use soft lights at different angles to light your face perfectly. Desk lamps, ring lights, and softbox kits are a few options for your videos.

5. Soundproof your streaming setup

Noise and disturbances will ruin your live streams. Your viewers may not like your videos if it has unnecessary background sounds. So, you should make your room soundproof to record professional videos.

Most streamers use padding to soundproof their rooms since they don’t have a quiet room. So, padding their streaming studio from the inside helps them create a peaceful recording space. You can buy various sound pads online to make professional videos.

6. Buy the latest PCs

Who likes lagging videos? No one! Viewers love it when your streams are smooth as butter. It would help if you had professional PCs to record such videos. Computers built for intense gaming would be best since they don’t lag and can help your streams look more professional.

Also, you can replace your screen with better monitors. The monitors with high refresh rates and resolution are perfect for live streaming. Similarly, you can use graphics cards to have better streams.

7. Get a high-definition camera

Canon EOS M50You cannot record professional streams without an excellent camera. Your viewers don’t like hazy videos. So, they will leave your stream and watch something else. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

It’s best to get a top-tier camera for live streaming. A high-definition camera with long backups is a good option for you. You don’t need to spend thousands on buying an HD camera. You can pick up good-quality and affordable cameras for live streaming.

8. Don’t move your camera

Many new streamers hold their cameras in their hands. So, the videos appear shaky during live streaming. You can use tripods and camera stands to record clear videos for your stream. It will make your videos look more professional.

You can use a desk mount to keep your phone or camera and have clear streams. You can buy webcams that attach to your monitors. Many streamers use them to record professional videos.

9. Use a good quality microphone

Microphones that make your voice crack is unfit for live streaming. It would help if you had a good quality microphone for professional videos. Getting a better microphone can make your stream sound better to your viewers.

It’s best to buy microphones with a noise-canceling feature and pop filters. Many of you might not have a large budget. You don’t need too much money to buy a professional microphone. You can get great mics at affordable prices for your streams.

10. Plan your live stream

Live streaming needs proper planning. You cannot start and end your streams without a plan. Your viewers will only connect to your live stream if it has an agenda. So, give your stream a proper title and write down your strategy to avoid forgetting what you need to say online.

It will give a proper direction to your online videos, so your streams look more professional as everything will be well planned.

11. Get a fast internet connection

Live streaming depends on the internet connection. Your videos will lag if you don’t have a fast internet connection. If the videos crack and get disconnected, your viewers will leave your stream.

You can do some research to find plans with high-speed internet. It will make a massive difference in your streams.

Summing Up!

These tips will help you make better videos for your viewers. You can become a better streamer and create more professional streams and potentially get more followers by using these techniques. Do you want to know more about making great live streams or anything related to live streaming? Visit now!