Everything You Need To Know To Make Money On Twitch [2021]

Everything You Need To Know To Make Money Streaming On Twitch: In this video, I’m going to share you with some of the ways you can make money playing videos games on twitch, I’ll break down why many think it’s hard to make money on twitch and how long does it take to make money as a Twitch streamer. In this video, there will be a way for you to make money as a Twitch stream whether you are an affiliate of twitch or working your way up to that.

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00:00 – How To Make Money Twitch 2020
01:10 – Twitch Affiliate & Twitch Partner
01:38 – How to Get Twitch Affiliate
02:02 – What are Twitch Subscriptions
03:01 – What are Twitch Bits
03:59 – How Much Do You Make From Twitch Ad Revenue
04:51 – How To Get Sponsorship on Twitch
06:00 – Best Way To Make Money As A Streamer On Twitch
08:15 – How To Use Youtube To Grow Your Stream Income

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