How To Create A Youtube Banner [Step By Step Tutorial]

This how to create a youtube banner tutorial will give you the step-by-step process on how to make a YouTube banner for free in 2021 using Canva. You will know how to make YouTube channel art that’s custom to your channel without spending a single penny after you finish watching this tutorial. Once you learn how to make a banner with Canva, you can create any sort of channel art you desire. There are a lot of free YouTube banner tools out there that are alternatives to Photoshop, but not all of them will let you create free channel art that is professional, effective, and can fit on all devices. However, Canva has all of the features you need to make YouTube channel art that gets you more subscribers. You can make a free YouTube banner that has the right background, images, text, and call to action within Canva itself. No Photoshop, extra money, or graphic design skills required.

Tools Mentioned:
✅  Canva
✅  Background Remover

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00:00 – How to make a gaming youtube banner for free
00:48 – What a gaming youtube banner looks like
00:59 – How to create a youtube banner using canva
11:03 – How to create youtube thumbnails for gaming youtube channel

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