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30 Awesome Gifts for Streamers

Gifts for Streamers

Streaming has become popular these days. Many people have become streamers in the past years. So, you might have at least one favorite streamer. Do you want an attractive gift for them? Or, do you want to buy a cool birthday present for streamers? We have got your back! Below is a list of thirty awesome gifts you can give to streamers. Let’s begin!

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1. Twitch Glitch Pillow Plush

Twitch is life for most content creators. So, sending them a Twitch plushy pillow will make their days. It’s cheap and full of love. Buy it!

2. Lumoonosity LIVE Neon Signs

Live streamers decorate their setup before going online. Sending them a neon sign that shouts ‘LIVE’ will be the best gift for them. Check it out!


3. Abel Gaming Streaming Kit

Do you want to send something to a new live streamer? The Abel streaming kit is the best deal for you. It has everything a newbie streamer needs, from mic to webcam and light.

4. Let’s Go! Livestream Planner Notebook (6″X9″)

A streamer manages multiple things at a time. They might forget their daily tasks due to work pressure. You can help them organize their tasks with this planner notebook.

5. Elgato Stream Deck XL

Every streamer wants to have a control deck. This advanced stream control from Elegato will make them happy. It’s the best gift ever for live streamers!

6. Yubico – YubiKey 5 NFC

Do you want a unique gift? The YubiKey will not let you down! It is a strong security device every streamer needs. Give it a shot!

7. Blue Yeti USB Mic

All content creators want to upgrade their microphones. Nothing can be better than the Blue Yeti USB mic. It records clear sounds and helps make better videos.

8. USB Condenser Microphone

It’s another microphone you can give to your favorite streamer. It comes with an adjustable mic stand. The convenience makes it ideal for streaming and gifting.

9. Twitch Snapback

Snapbacks look cool! So, many streamers love wearing Twitch snapbacks during live streaming. You can get them this snapback and make their days!

10. Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical gaming keyboards are best for streaming. If your streamer wants to upgrade their setup, your gift will help them. Check it out and get it now!

11. WiFi Extender

Streamers need smooth WiFi to record online videos. They will love to have a WiFi extender that gives them faster Internet without doing anything.

12. USB Streaming Microphone

A streamer can never refuse new microphones. Giving them a microphone is the best birthday gift for all streamers, new and pro. This USB plug-and-play mic will change their lives.

13. Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Are you looking for more microphones? Here’s another one for you! The blue snowball USB mic is a favorite device for many streamers. Get attractive deals on this mic now!

14. Logitech Webcam

Apart from microphones, a streamer needs new webcams. Logitech has the best webcams with high picture qualities. This is the best one for gifting purposes. Have a look!

15. USB Condenser Gaming Microphone

Condenser microphones are a new trend in streaming. You can help the streamer upgrade their setup with this microphone. It is a best-buy and the perfect gift for all streamers.

16. Oculus Quest 2

Virtual reality is a revolution. Every gamer wants to taste VR and get the famous Oculus Quest 2. So, you can give it to them this season. They will always remember your gift!

17. Twitch Gift Cards

Gift cards are the oldest way to show love. Getting Twitch Gift cards is the best thing for a streamer. You can give these cards to them and make them happy!

18. Elgato Stream Deck

A stream deck is a controller for live streaming. Elgato has the best stream decks in the industry. It is the best gift for streamers and does not cost much.

19. NexiGoStreamCam Webcam

It’s a favorite webcam for many streamers. It has in-built software, ring light, and cover. You can get it for your most-loved streamer. The best part about this webcam is, that you can plug it in and start playing.

20. Angetube Webcam

Do you want more webcam options? This webcam is for you! It has a ring light and auto-focusing feature. Your streamer will love to have such a gift for their setup.

21. UBeesize LED Video Light Kit

Lights are essential in live streaming. A video light kit is everything a streamer needs to record better online videos. If you don’t have a large budget, this is the perfect gift to choose.

22. Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Getting a microphone that matches the setup is tricky.But, you can make it happen by giving the Blue Snowball USB microphone to the streamers. It has a retro design that suits every room.

23. Logitech Webcam

One more Logitech webcam is here. It is ideal for recording high-quality videos. Nothing can be a better gift for streamers than this webcam from Logitech.

24. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Yeti is a well-known microphones brand. And this mic is a streaming favorite. Its sleek design suits every setup. This mic records sharp voices without difficulty.

25. USB Microphone

USB microphones are a boon to streamers. It helps them plug the mic into their PC and start recording clear audio. It’s a gift every streamer will use while recording.

26. RGB Camera Light

Camera lights can make live streaming more professional. Many streamers want to buy RGB camera lights. But, they cannot purchase them due to a small budget. You can give this one to your favorite streamer and support their dream.

27. Wireless Streaming Encoder

A streaming encoder is a must-have for content creators. This encoder is wireless and easy to use. It’s the perfect gift for streamers on any occasion.

28. Streaming Webcam with Light

Webcams with lights are cheap and the best. This one is a favorite gadget for streamers.

29. Livestream Planner Notebook (6″X9″)

Believe it or not, a streamer needs this planner. It helps them organize their tasks and do them on time. It’s cheap and a perfect gift for live streamers.

30. Live Streaming Console

Finally, a streaming console to cheer up your favorite streamer! It’s the best console to give to an intermediate streamer. Get it now!

Wrapping Up!

Bookmark this page or note down these gifts. It is the best list of presents for your favorite streamer. Do you want to know more about these products or want to learn about streaming? Visit!

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