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Best Cheap Smartphone Accessories for Live Streaming

Are you new to live streaming? Do You have a small budget? If yes, you will use your smartphone to record videos. It doesn’t mean your recordings will not look professional. They can look better if you use some accessories.

This post is all about the best and cheapest smartphone accessories for live streaming. They will help you record excellent videos using mobiles without spending more money. Let’s begin!

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1. Tripod for iPhone11

Tripod for iPhone11

Many of you might be using an iPhone 11 for live streaming. You cannot record better videos without keeping your phone at a place. It keeps moving on your desk and stops your videos. So, get this tripod for your iPhone to record better videos. It’s super cheap and a must-buy for live streaming.

2. Cardioid microphone for mobiles

Cardioid microphone for mobilesYour viewers are okay with poor videos. But, they hate low audio quality. So, try to record clear audio when streaming with your smartphone. The microphone on your mobile cannot record clear voices. You need something extra to record a sharp voice.

One of the best smartphone accessories is this microphone. It is a small gadget you can take anywhere. The mic can record clear audio. It fits into all mobiles. Cool, right?

3. Pop Sockets

Pop SocketsMany video streamers move their cameras when streaming online. Are you one of them? A tripod is not the best thing for you. You cannot move such a heavy thing around. So, you need something small and simple for your mobile and tablets.

The best way is to buy pop sockets for your device. You can stick them on the back of your phone. These sockets let you hold your phone and move it. You can push the socket when not in use. It is cheap and the best buy for online videos.

4. Compact Microphone

microphonesAre you looking for more microphones for your mobile? This one’s for you! It is a small microphone that gives you high-quality voice recording. It works with all mobiles and records clear sound for your online videos.

Do you think it’s costly? No! It is for a small budget and gives you better audio quality. Many pro streamers use it for live streaming. Check it out now!

5. LED Video Light

LED Video LightDo you want to record better online videos? Get good lighting in your room. You don’t need more money to buy great lights for your setup. It is not difficult to get proper lights when your budget is small. You can get lights for your smartphone and record bright videos. How?

Don’t worry! You can use this LED video light to record bright online videos with your phone. It works perfectly with your smartphone and helps you get more viewers. It is light and portable. So, you can move it the way you like. Get it now for your live streaming!

6. Lens Kit for iPhone

Lens Kit for iPhone You can keep a camera on your desk and zoom in to record clear videos. It can be tough with a phone. The digital zoom in your mobile will record unclear videos. But, buying a camera requires thousands of dollars. Not everyone can buy it. So, how to record better videos using your phone? It’s simple!

Get this lens kit for your iPhone! You can focus your camera the way you like. It is cheap and perfect for your mobile phones. Buy the lens kit for better online videos now!

7. Phone Holder

phone holderHolding the phone in your hand when recording videos is tough. You cannot stream and fix the position of your phone at once. Tripods are too heavy and difficult to move around. So, can’t you record better videos with your phone? No, you can!

You can stream online by fixing your mobile in this holder. It is a small and cheap tool to place your phone and record online videos without moving it. It’s the best thing to buy for your streaming setup if you have a small budget.

8. Tripod Stand

Camera Tripod StandMany streamers fix their mobile phones at a place when recording online videos. It keeps their hands free and helps them record better online videos. They use this tripod stand to place their smartphones on their desks.

It is a small and cheap mobile tool everyone should have. You can have it without spending lots of money. Grab it now!


These mobile accessories will help you record better online videos. And they are durable and cheap. So, you can buy them if you are new to recording. Do you want to know more about smartphone accessories or anything related to live streaming? Visit for more information!