Streaming Setup for $250

The Best Streaming Setup for $250 in 2022 | LAS Curry

Your streaming setup doesn’t have to be expensive. So, your live streaming dream will get fulfilled even if you have a small budget. You can get the best equipment without even spending $250! Here’s the complete list of devices you can get on a small budget for your live streaming channel without spending much. Let’s begin our discussion!

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1. Microphone Stand

You cannot place your microphone anywhere when recording. It needs a specific place and angle to record clear voices. You might have seen top streamers using microphone stands to fix their devices and record sharp audio from the first day. So, every beginner creator should have this stand in their setup.

The best thing about the microphone stand is that you can adjust the arm whenever required. It works well with heavy microphones and does not trip over due to weight. It is an advanced mic stand. It is the best mic stand for beginner to professional live streamers on a small budget.

2. Cheaper Microphone Stand

The mic stand above is the best. But, many of you can find it expensive. So, here is another cheap mic stand with high quality. It has a flexible arm you can adjust according to your needs. This stand has clamps to hold your mic properly without falling over. It can hold several microphones for live streamers.

This mic stand has a sleek look and matches all room decorations. You can get the stand without spending more money. So, beginners can buy this stand and start recording their content without difficulties. It will become your favorite gear in almost no time.

3. Lighting Kit

Lights can make a huge difference in your live streaming. It’s better to get a proper light for live streaming even if you are new to the industry. But, most professional video lights are costly. No, it’s not! Some lighting kits like this are cheap. So, you can include proper lights in your room without crossing your $250 budget.

It creates a soft light for your videos. This lighting kit is lightweight and portable. So, you can carry it to different locations in your room to record better online videos. It comes with a photographic light bulb and a softbox for professional lighting.

4. Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand

Handling a lighting kit can be challenging for beginners. So, a simple and soft light for videos is the best for you. But, it has other problems. Where and how to keep these lights? That’s when these lights make the perfect purchase! It is a video light with adjustable tripod stands. So, you can keep it anywhere or move it whenever needed.

This video light has numerous color screens. So, you can use the tripod light to create RGB light in your room. Many streamers use these lights from the beginning. Since they are adjustable and cheap, you can buy them on a small budget.

5. Logitech Webcam C920

You cannot record online videos without a camera. And webcams are the best options for live streaming. Many pro streamers will suggest you buy the Logitech C920 webcam for your setup. Do you know why? Because it’s the best! The best thing about this webcam is that it is affordable even if you have a small budget.

It records HD video with high resolution. This webcam has a clamp to help you attach it to any screen. So, you don’t have to adjust the webcam during live streaming. It is an affordable camera option for streamers having a small budget.

6. USB Microphone

Your viewers connect to your channel when you talk to them vocally. So, you need high-quality microphones to record your voice. You don’t need a costly mic to record clear audio for live streaming. A cheap and high-performance microphone will do the job.

You can start your live streaming journey with this microphone. Despite being cheap, it is the best sound device and has a pop filter. It is a USB mic that you can plug into your PC and start recording your voice. It has a professional look that enhances your setup. Go for this mic even if you are a newcomer!

Summing Up!

Go for the above streaming equipment and create a setup for $250 in 2022. Most live streamers use these devices. These products have high quality and give the best value for money. Do you have more concerns regarding these devices or live streaming in general? Navigate to and get your answers now!