Best lighting For Live Streaming

Best Lighting for Live Streaming Under $150 in 2022

What do successful live streamers have in common? Yes, you have guessed it correctly! It’s professional lighting! You need proper lights to make better online videos. But Alas! You have a small budget.

Are there lights under $150? Yes! We will discuss it right below. You will learn about perfect lighting for live streaming without spending more than $150.

Let’s dive in!

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MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting

MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit 20"X28"

Let’s discuss the cheapest products first! Are you looking for affordable live streaming lights? We have the perfect solution for you!

You can buy this lighting kit for your online videos. It has everything you require for a professional appearance. It costs around $49 only to set up the best lighting studio.



RGB lights can change your room decorations. It can help you to make more professional videos. You can change the light color using a remote. So you can match your room lighting to your streaming color.

All these help you start a successful live streaming channel quicklyAnd the best part is, they are cheap. So, you can buy them without spending much.

Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip

Are you looking for voice-controlled lights? You can try these light strips for your live streaming. You can control them using Google Home and Alexa.

So, you can turn the lights on and off using your voice. It is the best addition if you’re a beginner.

Now, you might be thinking that they are costly. No! These intelligent light strips are cheap. You can buy them online for under $150. Try them out to make better online videos.

Ring light with phone holder

Ring light with phone holder

Ring lights are the best. You might already have one if you love video recording. Ring lights can help you create bright videos. They attract audiences to watch your stream. So, buying a ring light is necessary for live streaming.

Do you think ring lights are expensive? No! You can buy this ring light with a phone holder for $33. So, you can easily buy it online.

Start your videos with ring lights. You can buy expensive lights afterward.

Best remote control floodlight

Flood Light

Everyone buys ring lights and light strips. Do you want something unique? You can try out floodlights!

Floodlights can light up your room for bright videos. You can place them in one corner and get proper light. So, they are best to record professional live streaming videos.

You can control the lights using a remote control. So, your videos will have the desired light every time. You can spend nearly $33 to buy a remote-control floodlight online.

Galaxy Projector light

Galaxy Projector light

Simple light can be boring. Do you want something funky for your live streams? Go for the galaxy projector light!

It can make you appear like you are sitting in the sky. So, your gaming videos will become more creative. Your viewers will like your idea and watch your videos more.

These lights are best to decorate the back of your room. It’s so cheap that even a newcomer can buy it. Try it out today!

Video Light Dimmable Flat Panel Light 

VILTROX L132T 0.78"/2cm Ultra Thin CRI95 5600K/3300K Bi-color LED Video Light Dimmable Flat Panel Light

The best lighting for your room is sunlight. It can help you create better videos with proper lighting. But, you cannot get sunlight all the time. So, panel lights are the best for such needs.

Panel lights create artificial sunlight effects. They make your room look more professional. So, your videos look better and more appealing. Such videos become popular among viewers.

Panels lights are the best buy. You can get high-quality panel lights without spending much. You can spend $35 to buy them for your live videos.

Video Conference Lighting Kit 

Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit LITE Edition | Live Stream, Remote Working, Zoom Webcam | Lighting Accessory for Laptop | Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature, Stand and Mount IncludedYou might have the equipment to light the room. But, your face might appear dark in videos. It creates a bad impression on your viewers. So, face lighting accessories are essential.

You can buy these lights to create brighter videos. Your face will appear glowing in the live stream. So, your online videos will look professional.

You can attach face lights to your system. It will create sharp videos. You can cover the light with a T-shirt to create diffused lighting.

Softbox lighting kit with green screen

Softbox lighting kit with green screenSoftbox lighting is a must-have for live streaming. But, we have already discussed softbox lighting before. This lighting is different. It comes with a green screen.

Buying a separate green screen costs you more. This lighting kit is cheap and includes everything you need.

You can make brighter videos and stream life easily. This lighting kit is inexpensive. You do not need $150 in your pocket to buy it.

Desk Light

Lume Cube Edge LED Desk Light |

Portable desk lights can help you make better videos. These live streaming accessories create better lighting on your face. So, you glow during online streaming.

Your face looks brighter, and more viewers connect with you. You can move desk lamps to different places for proper lighting. You can try it out if you have a small budget.

Wrapping Up

These lights are everything, Pick the light that suits you best, any route that you go will improve the look and feel of your live streams. If you have questions are want to learn more about lighting, gear, or anything related to live streaming check out more free resources here