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8 Best Cool Tech Under $50 – April 2022

The feeling of upgrading your setup is precious. Many live streamers keep searching for new tech gadgets for their room. But, they might not have a large budget. So, cheap tech is highly popular among content creators.

Do you want to upgrade your streaming setup on a small budget? This article is all you need! Here are eight cool techs under $50 for you.

So, let’s begin!

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1. Gaming Headset

Gaming HeadsetCheck Specification & Price

Better audio increases your focus at work. You can replace your headset with this one. It’s available in various colors to match your room. The headset is popular among streamers. It offers stereo sound and high audio quality. So, your live streaming will become better with these headphones.

It is a cheap option if you want sharp audio quality. Memory foam makes wearing this headset more comfortable. You will get a cardioid microphone with this headset. It records clear voices with less noise. So, it’s the best upgrade for your setup within your $50 budget.

2. Auto Face Tracking Tripod

Auto Face Tracking Tripod 2Check Specification & Price

No one likes a video where the streamer is not in the frame. But, you forget about your camera when recording a video. It can be a headache if you are streaming live. You cannot get editing options during live videos. So, placing your camera is a challenge.

Not anymore! You can get this auto face tracking tripod. You can fix your phone on this tripod and place it anywhere. The smart stand will sense your face and rotate the camera. So, you will never go out of frame during live videos.

3. RGB Light Bar

Check Specification & Price

RGB lights can make your room look more professional. You might already have RGB lights in your room. They change colors and create a trendy look. But, this bar is different. You can control this light bar with your voice. This cheap light bar is all you need for a setup upgrade.

It will change colors with music or your voice. So, it does not need manual control. It is a recent trend among live streamers. But, new creators cannot buy these lights due to a small budget. Good news for you! This RGB light bar is available at $19 online.

4. USB Microphone

USB Microphone Check Specification & Price

Almost every live streamer is passionate about microphones. They want better ones for their setup. You need a good quality mic even if you are new to streaming. But, most newbie creators have a small budget. They want excellent microphones without spending more money.

Do you want a new microphone kit on a small budget? This one is the best buy for you! It has a high-quality microphone and a pop filter. It is best to record online videos with better voices. This microphone has a USB cable. So, you can plug it into your PC and start recording. Check it out now!

5. LED Video Light

LED Video LightCheck Specification & Price

Recording online videos need proper light. Your face should have proper lighting during live streaming. Lighting adds a professional look to your videos. So, you will get more viewers with better lights. You can buy brighter video lights to upgrade your setup.

This LED video light is all you need. It is a cheap option for streamers having a small budget. It has a professional screen to create a uniform light in your room. It will help your face appear brighter in online videos. Check out the LED light now!

6. USB Video Capture Card

USB Video Capture CardCheck Specification & Price

Video capture cards are essential for your live streaming. Every content creator has these cards. Many streamers think that these cards are expensive. So, they don’t buy them. But, they need them at any cost.

Are you upgrading your setup? Do you want cool tech in your room under $50? You can buy this USB capture card. It suits your budget and gives high performance. It has a USB jack that lets you plug it into your system and start playing. This capture card is a must-try!

7. Cable Arranger

Cable ArrangerCheck Specification & Price

A live streaming setup means too many unorganized cables on your desk. You have various chargers on and around your setup. So, it creates confusion when you are in a hurry. These cables make your room look unprofessional. Many viewers don’t like such workspaces.

It’s better to buy a cable card for your room. It has many chargers and sockets in one place. So, your wires remain organized every time. It helps you clean your desk and create a professional look in online videos. The best thing is that it suits small budgets.

8. Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop Cooling PadCheck Specification & Price

Most pro streamers use desktops for live streaming. But, many new creators use laptops. They play heavy games for many hours on laptops. So, their devices heat up after some time. These laptops shut down if not cooled properly. Every gamer should have cooling pads for their laptops.

But, cooling pads are expensive. What to do? Don’t worry; you can have this cheap cooling pad. It will match your room and keep your laptop cool. So, you can record online videos for a long time without worries. Give it a try!

Summing Up!

It’s time to make your setup look more professional. And you can do so for under $50! How cool. Isn’t it? You can give these products a try and recommend others. Do you have more questions related to these products or live streaming? If yes, visit!