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Best Budget Streaming Setup for $100 by LAS Curry

Do you want to become a live streamer? Go ahead! But, you have a small budget of $100 to build your setup. And the live streaming equipment is costly. The pro streamers have large budgets. So, they can buy expensive products easily. You are new to content creation and cannot buy them.

How to buy equipment for your room on a small budget? Below are a few tools to build your budget streaming setup for $100. Let’s start!

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1. Camera Mount

Camera MountCheck Specification & Price

You will need a camera mount to record better online videos. But, most of them are costly. You can buy a camera mount even if you have a small budget. You can get this cheap camera mount and start recording professional videos.

This camera mount has a clamp. So, you can attach it to your monitor easily. It is an easy-to-use and adjustable stand for your streaming setup. It is a $15 camera mount. Get it now!

2. Phone Tripod

Phone Tripod

Check Specification & Price

Many of you will use mobile phones to record online videos. You can use the smartphone camera if you are new to live streaming. But, you cannot hold it during live streaming. It’s better to keep it on your desk when recording.

Your phone can slip down and stop recording if you don’t use a tripod. So, every streamer should have a phone tripod.

You don’t need a large budget to buy a phone tripod. Many streamers buy the cheap ones like this. It is the best phone stand for live streaming. It has a metal body and adjustable screws for your comfort.

3. Camera Mount Adapter

Camera Mount AdapterCheck Specification & Price

You might already have a mount stand for cameras. But it cannot hold your current live streaming camera. But, you can use your mount with adapters to attach live streaming cameras. These adapters are worth buying. Many streamers have these adapters to use all stands with their cameras.

It costs $27 and fits your budget. So, you can buy it and record better videos with your old camera stand. Check it out once and buy it now!

4. HDTV Cable

HDTV CableCheck Specification & Price

You might need to connect your camera with your monitor if you record your videos using a tablet or smartphone. You can use an HDTV cable to do so. These cables are cheap and high-quality. Do you want to get better quality HDMI to HDMI cables? This one is all you need!

It works with your tablet and smartphone having a micro-USB port. So, you can connect your camera to a TV or monitor easily. It costs $7 and fits in your budget. Many people ignore buying these cables. But, you can have one to build a complete streaming setup.

5. Webcam

WebcamCheck Specification & Price

Do you want more options for cameras? You can choose a webcam! It’s more comfortable to use a webcam for live streaming than phones and cameras. This webcam is a cheap setup tool for you. You can fix it on your screen and start recording live videos.

You don’t need a tripod when using a webcam. It will hold your monitor or laptop screen during live streaming. It is a high-quality webcam with a USB cable. So, you can plug it into your device and start playing immediately.

6. Camera Light

Camera LightCheck Specification & Price

Lights can make your videos look more professional. It’s better to buy cheap lights for your setup even if you are new to live streaming. It will help you record better online videos from the first day. You can play with this light during live streaming.

It will help you light up your face and record more professional videos. It has soft light. So, your videos won’t look hazy. Also, you can adjust its brightness whenever needed. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts long and gives an excellent backup. You can try this cheap lighting option for your setup today!

7. Wireless Number Pad

Wireless Number PadCheck Specification & Price

Many new streamers forget to buy a number pad. They face problems after some time. It’s better to get it for your streaming setup before starting online videos. You will feel more convenient after having a number pad.

This cheap and wireless number pad is all you need. It has soft and comfortable keys. It is portable and easy to use. You can get it for $19 for your live streaming setup. Buy it now!

You know about all the cheap live streaming techs to start your journey. So, you can build your setup for $100. Nothing can stop you now! Buy these gadgets and start live streaming today. You can upgrade your setup after some time. Do you want to know anything related to setup upgrade or live streaming? Visit for more details!