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10 Tips for Starting a Gaming YouTube Channel in 2021

Similar to most gamers, you have to begin somewhere, true? If you’re looking to start your first YouTube gaming channel in 2021, you require understanding the basics and creating high-quality gaming content that presents who you are.

Undoubtedly, gaming is a competitive niche on YouTube, and starting the first gaming YouTube Channel in 2021 is no easy feat. Millions of users love to enjoy video games, so naturally, the competition is fierce nowadays. However, new gamers still have enough room or time to start and grow a YouTube gaming channel. All you just need to follow the following 10 tips that will assist you to start off with a professional shine in your gaming content!

1. Prioritize Yourself over the Games

Gaming YouTube Channel in 2021

In reality, most YouTube gaming channels are mostly focused on games. Another of our lesser-known YouTube gaming channel recommendations is that people come for the games, but they stay for you. They come because you’re covering a game they’re interested in, but they also like and subscribe because they appreciate your style and presentation.

2. Be Unique Enough to Stand Out

Be Unique Enough to Stand Out

This is extremely essential, to expand on the preceding point. Even if you have a specialty in common with other YouTubers, you want to stand out. So, establish your own voice and just keep in mind that no one else is precisely like you. It’s vital to learn from and be inspired by other YouTuber gamers, but at the end of the day, you must be distinct enough to gain followers and viewers’ devotion.

In addition, you can also add timestamps to your videos. Yes, you read that right! When it comes to long play videos, this is without a doubt one of the most essential features. It helps viewers to easily find what they’re looking for and watch the material they want to see. Additionally, timestamps will improve the user experience if you’re also sharing your material on your blog and want to lead your visitors to a certain period in the game. Moreover, you can use a step-by-step list to explain a few things, and then the viewer may go on to the example.

3. Consider Streaming

Streaming is a great option that may be used in conjunction with other types of media. Growing your gaming channel on YouTube is a wonderful method to do it. Twitch and YouTube Gaming are the two primary streaming options available to you. Twitch is better for increasing your audience and introducing it to new people, but YouTube Gaming is better for connecting with your existing YouTube audience. Either technique is a fantastic way to get your audience to interact with you

4. Make the Most of Social Media

Make the Most of Social Media

Gaming channels aren’t known for creating videos for every small event that happens in their creators’ lives. Videos should only be used for key material or major announcements; for anything else, include links to your social media accounts in your descriptions and urge your followers to join you there.

5. Invite Guests/Co-Hosts

The notion of working directly with your own pals on your YouTube gaming channel is something you don’t see very frequently in YouTube gaming channel advice. This is perplexing because several major networks are well-known for this reason. Most channels, especially show channels, cannot be handled by a single personality in general. Including a co-host or a group of pals in your videos on a regular basis may make your viewers feel like they’re a member of your buddy group.

6. Always Pay Attention to Feedbacks

Pay attention to feedback

Listen to your audience if you want to improve as a content provider. You won’t be able to please everyone, but you should examine their views and ideas in order to understand how to better. Remember what we mentioned about engaging your audience earlier? Your viewers will either applaud or condemn your videos, and you should pay attention to both.

7. Collaborate with Other YouTube Gamers

If we didn’t urge you to collaborate with other YouTube gaming channels, this wouldn’t be a list of YouTube gaming channel tips! Collaboration is used by all of YouTube’s largest channels, and gaming channels are no exception. Some YouTube gaming channels are just centers where individuals from all around the world collaborate to promote their own channels.

8. Select a Niche and Create Your Own Custom Channel Art/Profile

There are several meanings for niche, but the one that is most applicable in this situation is that refers to products/services that are successful because they are offered to certain groups of individuals. In terms of gaming, this entails concentrating on a specific type of material or a specific genre or series of games. Niche channels may not have the same level of popularity as the most popular ones, but they are just as effective as they help you to collaborate with other YouTubers in that niche.

Furthermore, consider this scenario: you dress up for a job interview because you want to grab the position. This is referred to as presentation, and it is the focus of this YouTube gaming channel advice. Video producers are used to precise editing and sleek visuals, while gamers like great-looking graphics in their games. Your channel should have a good avatar and banner that are appropriate for you and your channel.

If you are searching for a good resource on how to create a channel logo, then I would like to recommend  It is an educational website that makes helpful guides and tutorials for video content creators and filmmakers. Paul Petropoulos is the founder of MediaEquipt. He is an expert in video content creation and helping new creators to build their online audiences.

9. Focus on Intros and Outros for Your Videos plus SEO

YouTube SEO

On YouTube, intros and outros are quite popular. In general, intros should be brief title cards with your name and visuals linked to the video. Outros can go on for another 10-20 seconds after a video concludes, advertising annotations for other videos and possibly playing pleasant music.

On the other hand, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the God of all content creators, including YouTubers. This is primarily about correctly titling and labeling your videos for YouTubers. In your tags, make sure to mention the name of the game, the sort of material you’re creating, and any other pertinent information. These are the tags that others will use to locate and search for your gaming videos.

10. Focus on Audience Engagement & Produce Consistent Content

Gaming is a media that is designed to be interactive. As a result, this section of our YouTube gaming channel advice is about putting that to good use. Your fans will leave comments on your videos on a regular basis and try to contact you via social media or YouTube. Pay special attention to the words of your devoted subscribers and respond to user comments on your channel.

In addition, you must generate material on a regular basis to be relevant on YouTube. Because of the way YouTube’s algorithms function, the length of time people spend viewing your videos determines your popularity. Focus on high-engagement videos that can be produced on a regular basis; smaller channels can start with weekly releases, but it’s a smart idea to ramp up as the channel expands.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re planning to become a pro-gamer or you’re just starting off with a new YouTube gaming channel to share your outstanding abilities and skills, creating amazing visual material will offer your channel a professional and appealing aesthetic. Using some of the aforementioned tips should make your life a bit simpler in the long term.

However, if you still have any doubts or queries in your mind, we’re here at Streaming Marketing Secrets to help you become a better YouTuber. Our objective does not just end with YouTube gaming channel advice; we also cover other important things to consider while streaming on YouTube, the benefits of teamwork, how to grow your YouTube channel, subscribers, viewers, and much more. Keep an eye out for LAS Curry’s next blog for more useful posts like this one. On our SMSU platform, we also provide services to help you flourish as a YouTuber. For more information, contact us today at