Streaming Marketing Secret #1

Master Discoverablity

Discoverablity is the biggest challenge you face. And it's the #1 skill you need to master to grow your stream and income, and I'm here to help you get there.

I know you work hard, have a family, and put in the time to grow your stream so you can go full-time as a gaming content creator. You've done everything you can. Still, no matter how many hours you stream every week, you hardly see any growth in your viewership or the money you bring in.

It's not your fault. You just have not learned the right way to get people to find your content and stream. Once you understand the power of creating content that your viewers want on the platforms that your viewers spend most of their time on, the magic starts to happen for your brand. You begin to build an authentic audience.

So remember learning how to get found should be your #1 goal. Now there are ten essential skills full-time streamers have that you need to know how to develop. I created a guide you can download that breaks down the ten skills and why they are essential. Click the button below to download it.

Reading this guide will get you started on the right track!

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10 Key Skills Every Streamer Need To Develop
Youtube For Streamers
Streaming Marketing Secret #2

Youtube Marketing

Now that you know why learning how to get found is key to your success, next, you want to know what platform will give you the best opportunity to be found.

Now I'm not talking about streaming on Youtube. You can be streaming on Twitch or Facebook Gaming. Regardless of the platform you currently stream on, you want YouTube to be at the top of your content marketing plan because people can have access to your content 24/7.

Meaning you can gain views, subscribers, and money all on autopilot.

By creating content for YouTube, you work smarter, not harder.

For example, you can take the exact video you uploaded on youtube. Break it down into small pieces of content that you can then share on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter to gain even more exposure for your brand.

Always remember why you started this journey of becoming a full-time gaming content creator. To break free from your 9-5 job, support your family, and have the free time to do what you love.

When you focus on creating content with a purpose and that works on growing your stream & income for you when you sleep, you instantly stop focusing on the endless grind. You start to build a real career as a gaming content creator that pays you well.

So whether you currently use YouTube or not to grow your stream. I recommend you enroll in my free 7-Day Youtube Marketing Training for Streamer, so you learn what you need to do to unlock the power of YouTube.

Click the button below to enroll in the training. You will get the first lesson right away.

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When you have a supportive community to lean on, you have a greater chance of success than going at it alone.

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So if you want to quit your job and genuinely succeed to provide for your family, you need to know how to conquer the battle in your mind first!

Every Sunday @ 9 pm EST, you can find a new podcast episode. Each episode will inspire, motivate and guide you along this journey to give you the fuel to achieve all that you have ever desired and more.

Remember what you consume, you become!

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LAS Curry - About Me

About Me

Anthony "LAS Curry" Santana

Anthony has helped thousands of streamers grow their brand using social media and has taught thousands how to start streaming on Twitch, Facebook & Youtube.

My goal is to provide you with the tools and resources to grow your stream and effectively turn your passion for gaming into a real business.

You aren't just another streamer to me, your family! I genuinely want to grow your stream and help you succeed in all you do! But to get there, it all starts with your desire to WIN and Go ALL IN!

My goal is to help you develop your brand and to teach you how to build a loyal audience using social media, all while producing an income to support yourself, your family, and this gaming lifestyle you love so much!

That's why I put you first, listening to the obstacles you face and using my knowledge of streaming along with marketing to provide you with solutions to keep you moving forward.

It all starts with you!

"Knowledge without action is useless."

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